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TBL 2016-2017 Day 19 Game
26.02.2017 16:00
M.K.Ataturk Karsiyaka Arena

Pinar Karsiyaka

  • Pinar Karsiyaka, Won 36 out of 97 games vs.Fenerbahce in TBL history
  • Pinar Karsiyaka, Won 634 out of 1274 games in TBL history
  • Fenerbahce, Won 992 out of 1519 games in TBL history
  • Mahmutoglu, Melih(FEN), 4 pts remained for 2000th TBL point
  • Dixon, Bobby(FEN), 22 pts remained for 2500th TBL point
  • Vesely, Jan(FEN), 21 pts remained for 1000th TBL point
  • Udoh, Ekpe(FEN), will play 50th TBL game
  • Udoh, Ekpe(FEN), will play 50th TBL game for Fenerbahce

  • Team Stats
    Pinar KarsiyakaFenerbahce
    Games Played18181818
    Games Won-Lost10-88-1016-22-16
    FT %76.35th74.48th79.11st71.513th
    2Pt %51.912th53.98th58.42nd52.212th
    3Pt %36.17th36.15th38.83rd34.712th

    Pinar Karsiyaka Latest TBL Games
    Reg.S. Day 18L @Trabzonspor Medical Park 78-74
    Reg.S. Day 17L vs.Gaziantep Basketbol 79-92
    Reg.S. Day 16W @Banvit 104-109
    Reg.S. Day 15W @Tofas 80-86
    Reg.S. Day 14W vs.Best Balikesir 80-69
    Reg.S. Day 13L @D.I. Buyukcekmece Basket 72-68
    Reg.S. Day 12W vs.Galatasaray Odeabank 78-72
    Reg.S. Day 11L @Darussafaka Dogus 87-74
    Reg.S. Day 10L @Anadolu Efes 96-70
    Reg.S. Day 9W vs.Yesilgiresun Bld. 80-58
    Reg.S. Day 8L @Istanbul BSB. 79-72
    Reg.S. Day 7W vs.Muratbey Usak Sportif 85-75
    Reg.S. Day 6W @Halk En. TED Kolejliler 78-84 OT
    Reg.S. Day 5W vs.Besiktas Sompo Japan 82-77
    Reg.S. Day 4L @Fenerbahce 84-75
    Fenerbahce Latest TBL Games
    Reg.S. Day 18W vs.Yesilgiresun Bld. 76-65
    Reg.S. Day 17W @Istanbul BSB. 69-76
    Reg.S. Day 16W vs.Muratbey Usak Sportif 98-89
    Reg.S. Day 15W vs.Halk En. TED Kolejliler 89-76
    Reg.S. Day 14W @Besiktas Sompo Japan 76-79
    Reg.S. Day 13W vs.Anadolu Efes 81-75
    Reg.S. Day 12W vs.Trabzonspor Medical Park 98-78
    Reg.S. Day 11W @Gaziantep Basketbol 98-102 OT
    Reg.S. Day 10W vs.Banvit 76-71
    Reg.S. Day 9L @Tofas 81-72
    Reg.S. Day 8W vs.Best Balikesir 91-57
    Reg.S. Day 7W @D.I. Buyukcekmece Basket 60-80
    Reg.S. Day 6W vs.Galatasaray Odeabank 92-74
    Reg.S. Day 5W @Darussafaka Dogus 78-79
    Reg.S. Day 4W vs.Pinar Karsiyaka 84-75

    Recent TBL Meetings
    Reg.S. Day 4Pinar KarsiyakaL @Fenerbahce 84-75
    Reg.S. Day 22Pinar KarsiyakaW vs.Fenerbahce 86-81
    Reg.S. Day 7Pinar KarsiyakaL @Fenerbahce 104-82
    PO 1/2 Game 4Pinar KarsiyakaW vs.Fenerbahce Ulker 82-64
    PO 1/2 Game 3Pinar KarsiyakaW vs.Fenerbahce Ulker 84-83 OT
    PO 1/2 Game 2Pinar KarsiyakaL @Fenerbahce Ulker 84-70
    PO 1/2 Game 1Pinar KarsiyakaW @Fenerbahce Ulker 96-97 OT
    Reg.S. Day 20Pinar KarsiyakaL @Fenerbahce Ulker 70-62
    Reg.S. Day 5Pinar KarsiyakaL vs.Fenerbahce Ulker 69-75
    PO 1/2 Game 3Pinar KarsiyakaL vs.Fenerbahce Ulker 67-74
    PO 1/2 Game 2Pinar KarsiyakaL @Fenerbahce Ulker 94-83
    PO 1/2 Game 1Pinar KarsiyakaL @Fenerbahce Ulker 88-69
    Reg.S. Day 26Pinar KarsiyakaW vs.Fenerbahce Ulker 83-74
    Reg.S. Day 11Pinar KarsiyakaW @Fenerbahce Ulker 66-76
    PO 1/4 Game 2Pinar KarsiyakaW vs.Fenerbahce Ulker 81-78
    PO 1/4 Game 1Pinar KarsiyakaW @Fenerbahce Ulker 68-74
    Reg.S. Day 20Pinar KarsiyakaL @Fenerbahce Ulker 78-76
    Reg.S. Day 5Pinar KarsiyakaW vs.Fenerbahce Ulker 72-66
    Reg.S. Day 21Pinar KarsiyakaL @Fenerbahce Ulker 102-99 OT
    Reg.S. Day 6Pinar KarsiyakaL vs.Fenerbahce Ulker 75-77
    2016-2017 TBL Standings
    2Anadolu Efes18162
    3Besiktas Sompo Japan18144
    5Darussafaka Dogus18126
    6Galatasaray Odeabank18117
    7Pinar Karsiyaka18108
    8Gaziantep Basketbol18810
    9Yesilgiresun Bld.18810
    11Trabzonspor Medical Park18711
    12D.I. Buyukcekmece Basket18612
    13Istanbul BSB.18612
    14Muratbey Usak Sportif18513
    15Best Balikesir18315
    16Halk En. TED Kolejliler18117

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