Top Performing Players Of The Turkish Basketball League In 2017-18 So Far

The Turkish Basketball League is a melting pot of players from all around the world, with many developing here, and in the Euroleague, prior to heading to the States and joining the NBA. This top tier of men’s club basketball is now also commonly referred to Basketbol Super Ligi, and consists of 16 teams all of whom play each other in a series of rounds. With Fenerbache having won the TBL over the past two seasons, it’ll be interesting to see if their current draft of players is likely to help them reach the league title once again. Throughout the TBL there are a great number of exceptional players, with a large number of prospects also dramatically developing as the season continues to progress. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the top performers of the 2017-18 season so far.

Mikael Hopkins
This American forward is currently playing for Samsun, and really shone in his latest game in round 21. In fact, he shone so much, that he even received a Interperformances TBL Player of the Week award. This particular team player was a force in the game which saw TED Kolejliler crushed by a whopping 19 points (87-68). While Samsun are currently sat at 16th in the TBL, which isn’t allowing this particular player to show off his full potential, he has certainly been a star for the side this season so far. In round 21, the player had 20 points and 12 rebounds alone! While Hopkins is only in his first season for the team, his stats are speaking volumes and its highly likely that this particular player will opt for a move to a much bigger team in the coming seasons, particularly if he continues his current form, which sees him becoming the top player for Samsum in his first season of all time.

Markel Starks
Markel Starks is another American player, and he currently plays for Yalova Bld. While he’s not necessarily consistent, his last few games have seen this particular player begin to shine, and his stats are some of the best in the league. In fact, Starks is clocking in at 22.9 points per game on average, with 7.5 assists per game. This has led to him being statistically a top performer and one of the best scorers in the league so far this season. However, being part of Yalova Bld is not necessarily helpful for this rising star, as they’ve won just four games this season, losing a whopping 17. Despite Starks’ double-double (28 points and 14 assists), the team still lost their latest game (round 21), as they were edged 99-98 by Bursaspor. Despite the poor form of the team as a whole, Starks offers the TLB a lot of potential, and if you’re looking for a safe bet to progress further in the league, then Starks is it.

Patrick Rembert
Round 21 also saw yet another American player, Patrick Rembert, showcase some of his best skills. Not only did this particular player record 27 points in the team’s last game against Istanbulspor, he showed off his well-rounded game play as he also recorded five rebounds and six assists. In a similar fashion to Hopkins and Starks however, Rembert’s full potential could be shadowed by the poor performance of the team as a whole, as Petkim is struggling to face off against almost every team in the league. Nevertheless, Rembert has had a fantastic season this year, and in 2 games in Turkey 24.5 points per game have been scored.

Erving Walker
Currently playing in point guard position, Erving Walker boasts some of the top stats in the league. In December 2017, he stole the spotlight with an extremely notable performance pulling in big numbers for his team Demir Insaat. This playmaker offers a lot of potential for the team, and in round 17 he stormed ahead with 33 points and thirteen assists as he helped Demir to completely outclass Istanbul BBSK by 29 points. Despite Demir Insaat still offering a weak team, its easy to see how Erving Walker is dominating the league. In fact, not only is he the top player in his first season with the team, he is also offering some hugely impressive stats, as the best scorer in the league with an average of 18.9ppg since the start of the season.

Kaya Peker
Back in 2007,Kaya Peker was classified as one of the best players in the league , and he has continued to shine through to the ripe age of 37. This particular player plays as a Center for Turk Telekom B.K, as of this season. As a regular player in the Turkish national team, its highly likely to see this player continue to perform as he has already proven this season that he’s just as valuable as some of the younger players who are rising through the ranks.

Erxhan Osmani
Born in 1998, this Turkish player has recently joined Bandirma Kir. With NBA Draft eligibility coming up in 2020, Osamni has two seasons to prove his worth, and as such, he is already beginning to shine. In Round 21, Osamni scored 20 points and 9 re-bounds. While his stats are relatively limited due to his age, his performances in this season so far have shown that this particular player could offer a lot of potential.

With a great number of players and prospects in the Turkish Basketball League that are offering excellent statistics, performances and initiative as the TBL 2017-18 season continues to progress. There are a lot of youngsters, and older players, all of whom are attempting to make their mark on their teams, and on the league as a whole in order to make the NBA Draft when their time comes.